Thursday, November 18, 2010

~ask yourself~

Have you ever encounter this situation.. Hahaha~ Ask yourself.. Me?? Lets keep it as one of my secret.. Plus, you dont have to know and seriuosly you dont wanna know.. Wakakaka~ Ok, back to our main story... He's your good friend. She's also your good friend. You've known each other for a few years. You've shared meals, movies, music, hobbies, vacations, passions and your future planning. You don't realize that you are closer than you were supposed to. You've tell to each other about your love story, crush and if the relationship didnt worked, you look for each other for support. But, things changed.. You've felt jealous of his dates. You've been overprotective of her since shes seeing someone that she barely know. You've been having very strong feelings of attraction and a desire for something more than friendship. Could it be that your feelings for him/her have grown into something more?

Jeng jeng jeng~~ ask yourself..

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