Friday, November 12, 2010

cant wait for ~HMB6TC BBQ PARTY~ !!! woot woot~~

huhuhuhu~ one day left for our last party aka farewell party before we move on to the next chapter of our lives.. sgt2 excited and looking forward nk berparty with all my giler, xbtul, drama kings and queens, pyscho classmates.. camera jgn lupe weehhh...! hehehe~ huh, this will be our last party, hope there will be reunion for us every 5 years InsyaAllah... so, menu sume da settle... lamb, chicken, sausage, meetball, satay, nasi goreng and other 'potluck' that will memeriahkan and membanyakkan makanan tomorrow.. make sure you guys come with an empty stomach so that we can finish all the food..! weeehuuuu~~ hurrm, rindu kowunk..! cant wait for the pictures..!


  1. yeeeehhhhh...... esok xmo makan 1 hari....

  2. sok sume kne mkn smpai abes!! wakakaka~