Friday, November 12, 2010

enjoy ur student life while u can~

                *time of our life by tyrone wells*

huhuhu~ today will be my last day as a student.. after more than 5 years I've studied at UiTM as a full-time student, i am proud to say that im officially no longer a student.. but, i gonna miss all that sweet&sour moments during my student life.. haaa... after this, no more student price yeaa.. bowling, muvee, karaoke! shait! normal price, damn u! thinking of furthering my study but hahaha, xyahlaaa keem... hang x layak....! currently looking for job that related to hotel and tourism industry (errkk, ade keje kosong x?) but my dad said relaks laa dulu.. yelaaa, ayah nk sponsor ker org yg da abes study nie? hahaha... in your dream keem, in your dream.. to all my classmates, selamat mencari keje and for those yg sambung master, gud luck!! new chapter will begin but i will not forget the memories and faces left behind..! gonna miss u guys! sorry for all mistakes that I've done..

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