Saturday, December 18, 2010

~cannot sleep without listening to your voice jason wade!~

oowhh, i am now officially 'lifehouse' kipas susah mo mati..!  i do love them but not the way i love LP and A7X but now, yes..! everyday i'll look for their songs, whether it is old or new ones.. hahaha, mostly loves song, they can really make their songs without sounds so gay like JB! no doubt!! wakakaka~ sorry JB's fan~ i hate him and i will never ever going to like him..! and the lyrics, gosh i even cried myself every time i listen to their songs!! ooh btw, you should listen to 'falling in', 'broken', 'from where you are', 'storm' ahh senang cite, just listen to all of their songs! listen to their songs is like falling in love, really!! hahaha~ 

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