Friday, September 2, 2011


My last post on this very blog was on February?? hahaha.. A lot has happened since my last post... huh, been away to long i guess.. Btw, last month my friend bought me a note book which kinda cool because it was made from something.... huh, cant recall what was that thing, which is good because its say something about 'go green' and 'save earth' plus its cheap.. believe me, it is.. then my friend asked me to write my 'gratefulness' each day on each page which i didnt wrote anything for the whole month.. XD sorry babe.. I only wrote the next day after you bought me that book then i'm not sure why i didnt.. i do have something to write but probably dont have the right pen, yaa i am particular with pen and color.. i love the whole idea on writing my gratefulness, but gonna change it a little bit, will add some quote or was on my mind, im not going to be grateful everyday... anyway, was thinking on buying color pens!! so much things i would love to write/sketch.. hait!!

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